Pham Duc Luong, MD

Pham Duc Luong, MD

College of Health Sciences


Dr. Pham Duc Luong has 15 years of experience in the field of emergency medicine and resuscitation, including 5 years at Vinmec Times City and 2 years of internship at Douai Hospital and Lille Regional Medical Center (CHR De Lille), Lille (France).

Selected publications

  1. Do patients admitted to the follow-up unit from the emergency department of a general hospital meet the recommended criteria? ”(In France)
  2. Study to apply pressure-controlled ventilation in the treatment of lung injury and progressive acute respiratory distress syndrome
  3. Evaluate the effect of pleurodesis with Iodopovidone in the treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax


  • From 2011 – 2013: Internship at Douai Hospital and Lille’s Regional Medical Center – CHR De Lille, Lille City (France)
  • From 2009 – 2011: Graduate study in Emergency Medicine and Resuscitation at Hanoi Medical University
  • From 1997 to 2003: Attended a university major in general medicine at Thai Binh Medical University