VinAcademy Education and Training Limited Liability Company and VinUniversityversity established by VinAcademy (collectively, “VinUniversity”) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of every individual’s personal information. This Privacy Policy (“the Policy”) describes how VinUniversity collect and use your personal information in relation to your use of, or supply of relevant information via, our websites, applications, products and services and programs administered by VinUniversity (together, “VinUniversity’s Services”) in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.

For clarification, “personal information” is all information that identifies or can identify an individual.

Any products, applications, websites, or content that are offered by third parties or have their own Privacy Policy are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy includes the following contents:

  1. What We Collect
  2. How We Use
  3. Collection and use of cookies
  4. How We Share
  5. Where We Store
  6. How We Secure
  7. Internet Advertising and Third Parties
  8. Access and Option
  9. Minor’s Personal Information
  10. How Long We Store Personal Information
  11. Contacts, Notices, and Amendments
  12. Additional Information for the EU
  13. Examples of Information