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Cayuse: Grant Management System

With Cayuse, you can submit your sponsored proposals, but can also keep track of all your projects, communicate and collaborate with your team members, and save all of your administrative documents in one place.

External Activities and Outside Income for VinUniversity Faculty and Staff Policy

This policy applies to all full-time faculty and staff employees of VinUniversity. Any exceptions to this general scope of this policy will be clearly identified.

Regulations on Intellectual Property, Copyright and Ownership of Data

The policy applies to inventions and related intellectual property rights arising from the activities of its faculty, staff, students, and others who use university resources, including those provided through an externally funded grant, contract, or other type of award or gift to the university.

Regulations for Research Activity Management

VinUni is committed to responsible and ethical conduct of research and stewardship of research funds. Our commitment to conducting impactful and responsible research is reflected in the policies and procedures for designing, conducting, supporting and reporting research at VinUni.

Applying for Ethical Review

VinUni must ensure that the rights and interests of human participants involved in VinUni research are protected, that research is conducted with appropriate informed consent, and that the benefits of any research involving such participants outweighs the risks to them and others.