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Student Research: “Sleep Quality of Vietnamese Postpartum Women and Its Associated Factors”

This research project aims to give recommendations to improve the quality of sleep among Vietnamese women after giving birth during their hospitalized time.

Student Research: “Quality of Life (QoL) of Patients Diagnosed with Urogenital Prolapse Post-Treatment”

This study aims to explore the quality of life among Vietnamese women who diagnosed with urogenital prolapse after treatment and point out the life aspects that are deeply influenced by the prolapse, which would be a valid source of information for healthcare providers in designing treatment plan and providing further support for patients.

Student Research: “Human papillomavirus vaccination: Knowledge and acceptance of Vietnamese youths living in Hanoi, Vietnam”

The rationale of this study is to address a gap in knowledge. Little research has provided a thorough understanding of the knowledge and perspective of Vietnamese youth (males and females) about HPV and vaccination.

Student Research at VinUni

Undergraduate Research at VinUniversity is a core part of the training and education of VinUni students. VinUni recognizes that research skills and competencies are not just critical for those who wish to purse academic work, but for any person who wishes to be a contributor, leader and a change maker in the society. Research skills of systematic inquiry, information gathering, critical analysis, problem solving, resilience and focus, interpretation and communication, are core life skills that are part of VinUni’s mission for students!

First year students are already engaged in independent research under the guidance of VinUni faculty members, and working with faculty on their Seed Grants and other research projects.

Find a Research Opportunity at VinUniversity

Do you want to be a Research Assistant (RA) and work on projects with faculty members at VinUniversity?

VinUniversity provides RA opportunities for students under the Work Study program. In addition, faculty members also hire RAs to work on specific research projects. In most cases, students get compensated for their time or they can choose to volunteer for research.

CLICK HERE to visit Career Connect, the one stop portal for finding these and other job opportunities at VinUni.

For more details and other inquiries, contact Ms. Nong Thi Nghi Phuong, Research Management Officer, at phuong.ntn@vinuni.edu.vn.


VinUniversity provides a number of opportunities for research to students 

  1. You can apply for research assistantship for existing projects posted on the Career Connect website.
  2. A number of your courses will have opportunities to do research as part of the course. 
  3. Every year, VinUni will open up opportunities for students to apply to receive funding for independent research. Check the VinUni research website for announcements.

We understand that there is a lot of talent outside of VinUniversity, and we invite non VinUni students to participate in VinUni research. If you are interested in working with a VinUni faculty member on a research project, we invite you to contact our faculty directly. Here is the link to the SEARCH feature on the VinUni research website that can help you to find faculty members who do research in your area of interest.

  • You can find a list of the currently funded projects HERE.
  • Information about projects that are available in the Research Centers is HERE.
  • Your best bet is to look up the profiles of the faculty members in your area of research interest and work directly with the faculty member to explore more.
  • You can use the Search feature on this website or explore the College profiles to learn more about each faculty member VinUni website.

Check the Career Connect website for research assistantship and other research-related positions.

Yes, you can get paid as a research assistant for some projects. Contact the faculty member to inquire whether funding is available for the project that you are interested in. If you search for an opportunity on Career Connect, you will see the compensation information in the posting itself.

Discuss with your faculty advisor, your instructor about the time and commitment required for your course work and research before signing up for additional research workload. There is no magic bullet for managing time and workload, and we highly recommend that you communicate with your research mentor and advisor if you have concerns about workload.

The VPRO will organize some training workshops either online or in person and will open them for all students. In addition, the best training in research will come from working on the research itself and from your research mentor, we recommend that you take every opportunity to learn from your research mentor.