Faculty Development Workshop in Simulation – Unleash the Future of Medical Training

May 16, 2024

Workshop Recap: “Faculty Development Workshop in Simulation – Unleash the Future of Medical Training”

Dates: May 7-9, 2024

Location: VinUniversity, SIM Center

Co-organized by the Faculty of the School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, and VinUniversity, this intensive three-day Faculty Development Workshop in Simulation provided an enriching experience for nursing clinical faculty aiming to enhance their skills in medical simulation.

Day 1: May 7, 2024

The workshop kicked off with an exhilarating afternoon session dedicated to a Simulation Development Mini Workshop led by Ms. Justine L. Hudgins, and Ms. Ann Marie Hoyt-Brennan from School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania. Participants from Vinmec Hospital and VinUniversity dig deep into crafting impactful simulation learning objectives, writing effective scenarios, and using rubrics for evaluation. Led by a team of experienced simulation instructors, this session also covered interprofessional simulations to enhance teamwork and communication across disciplines and strategies for integrating summative assessments into course outcomes.

Day 2: May 8, 2024

The second day with a theme of Faculty Development Seminar in the SIM Center. Energized by a warm welcome from the University of Pennsylvania faculty to participants from the VinUni teaching hospitals around Hanoi, the day kicked off with engaging icebreakers and participant introductions, setting a collaborative and spirited tone.

The morning sessions unfolded with an enthralling introduction to simulation, focusing on pre-briefing and scenario scripting. Participants learned the art of creating realistic scenarios with simulated patients, an essential skill for effective simulation-based education. Breakout sessions fostered creativity as participants split into groups to develop their team scenarios, fostering hands-on learning and creativity.

In the afternoon, these groups switched gears, working on each other’s scenarios to understand every role in the simulation development process from start to finish. This hands-on experience culminated in faculty demonstrating advanced simulation and debriefing techniques, including managing disruptive behaviors. The day wrapped up with an open forum for lively discussion and a session review, leaving everyone buzzing with newfound insights.

Day 3: May 9, 2024

The final day continued the faculty development seminar with practical group exercises. Participants took turns running scenarios, debriefing, and observing, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. These practical exercises highlighted the importance of reflective practice and peer feedback in simulation-based education.

A scenario debriefing session provided further opportunities for discussion and learning. The morning wrapped up with an open forum for any remaining questions, followed by final evaluations. The workshop closed with a vibrant communal discussion, giving participants the chance to reflect on their experiences and network with peers.

The Development Workshop in Simulation for Nursing Program at VinUniversity was a resounding success, equipping faculty with valuable skills and insights to advance medical education through innovative simulation techniques. Participants left with a renewed commitment to enhance patient care and outcomes with cutting-edge simulation-based training.