VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center has been granted Provisional Accreditation by The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) after 3 years in operation

October 17, 2022

After just three years in operation, VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) has been granted Provisional Accreditation by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). SSH is the world’s largest accreditation organization in healthcare simulation training. Up to now, only three universities in Vietnam have received SSH accreditation.

VMSC has met all SSH’s seven core standards for the first-time applicant: Mission and Governance, Program Management, Resource Management, Human Resources, Program Improvement, Integrity, and Expanding the Field. 

Regarding Mission and Governance: VMSC is highly regarded for its community-oriented mission and strategic vision to become a leading simulation training institution in the region. The Center has built an appropriate organizational structure, management system, development strategy, and action plan in line with international standards. The participation of MSR Medical Simulation Center (Israel) and experts from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) has helped make a difference for VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center. 

Regarding Program Management: Training programs at VMSC are managed according to a strict process – from program development, testing, learner evaluation, feedback reception, and quality improvement. Besides providing regular training programs for VinUni, the Center is the American Heart Association (AHA) training center in Vietnam. It offers many life support training programs for Vinmec Hospital, 108 Military Central Hospital, 175 Hospital, St. Paul Hospital, etc. 

Regarding Resource Management: VMSC is recognized by SSH, and many experts, as having some of the region’s best training facilities. VMSC is Vietnam’s largest medical simulation center, with 4,000m2 across two buildings. The Center has invested a lot of resources to ensure the operation of training courses aligned with the highest standards of simulation education. 

Regarding Human Resources: SSH evaluates VMSC as having a highly qualified leadership team with solid experience in simulation, clinical practice, and academics. The Center has sent many staff and instructors to the US and Israel for training, thereby creating opportunities for career development and improving simulation training capacity.   

Regarding Program Improvement: VMSC is assessed to have a proper, effective, and comprehensive Quality Management system. This system also provides assessment, monitoring, analysis, and actions required to achieve the desired results and continuous improvement. 

Regarding Integrity: SSH requires simulation training activities following the highest ethical standards, including education and patient care. VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center is well recognized in this criterion, as it closely follows the academic standards according to international practices. 

Regarding Expanding the Field: Expanding the Field is a criterion demonstrating the level of service participation and the expansion of the impact of simulation training to the community, capacity building for staff, and international cooperation. VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center has representatives participating in the SSH community. Staff training activities are regularly implemented. In addition, the Center has hosted and participated in many conferences, seminars, and training courses to help improve the quality of simulation training at domestic and international forums.

Receiving SSH’s Provisional Accreditation is an essential milestone in the Center’s mission to implement high-quality training activities, improve patients’ safety, and enhance healthcare workers’ practical capacity in line with international medical standards. VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center will continue refining its management and education to achieve Full Accreditation from SSH. 

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