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degree programs offered from bachelor, master, PhD level


countries where international students come

80 %

faculty with PhD degrees

44 %

international faculty from 11 countries

Four colleges

College Of Arts And Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences cultivates six attributes for success: Character, Competence, Critical Thinking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and National Pride-Global Awareness. We aim to offer excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research, diversity, intellectual curiosity (broad spectrum of human knowledge in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, or cross disciplines) and personalised and life-long learning.

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College of Business & Management

The College of Business & Management is committed to addressing local and global problems by developing future entrepreneurs - organizational and thought leaders who are agents of innovation and progress.

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The College of Engineering & Computer Science strives to educate and create a generation of young leaders with the qualities of breakthrough thinking and contributing to the development of society based on knowledge, science and technology. We commited to provide the students with a strong basis and many interdisciplinary projects with practical applications. We strongly believe that you wil be able to learn and reach your full potential at VinUni.

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College Of Health Sciences

The College of Health Sciences is committed to developing world-class research and providing outstanding health care education; to be an agent of change in medical education reform and to attract and develop healthcare leaders to advance health sciences locally and globally.

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Academic Highlights

Our philosophy is built on a foundation of active learning, experiential learning, team-based learning and interdisciplinary research. We integrate technology-enhanced learning into our curriculum to enrich the educational experience, develop digital literacies and prepare students for the ever-evolving technological landscape. By embracing this multifaceted approach, VinUniversity students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to thrive in their chosen fields and contribute positively to society. 

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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Ignite Week 2023: A Celebration of Active Learning

This video recaps the Ignite Week: Celebration of Active Learning which was organized by the VinUniversity Teaching and Learning Excellence Center from May 29 to Jun 2, 2023 to bring together the vibrant community of educators and learners and celebrate great teaching and learning. This week-long event helped educators to collaboratively explore, share, and demonstrate effective approaches to teaching and learning by sharing best practices and having novel conversations about teaching and learning that will shape the future of education at VinUniversity and beyond.

Teaching And Learning At VinUniversity

In these stories, VinUniversity faculty share their reflections on how they are creating an impactful, student-centered learning environment. They will share insights into how they have applied active learning to their courses, their use of feedback, collaboration, and other strategies that make our classrooms dynamic spaces for growth. Through their experiences, you'll see firsthand how our university cultivates a culture of pedagogical excellence. We value teaching as highly as research, putting students at the forefront of all we do.

Lessons Learnt in Teaching Physics using TBL

by Dr. Le Van Quynh (CECS) Last Spring, I implemented the TBL pedagogy in my Introductory Physics class for CECS students. Since it was my first time teaching a course, it is difficult to compare the student learning and engagement from my classes that used the TBL method with the more traditional method of teaching. […]
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Lessons Learnt in Teaching Physics using TBL