We understand that moving out of home and moving into a university residence is an exciting time with a lot for you to learn about. At VinUniversity, you will find that living on campus is an integral part of your first-year experience. We hope that you will develop a sense of respect and care for others; make responsible choices about your lifestyle; share your academic, social, and cultural experiences with other residents; and learn to live independently yet in harmony with a diverse group of people.

Dormitory rooms

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Dormitory Activities

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Sport Complex

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The Sports Complex at VinUni operates from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Students can receive guests on campus, provided they respect other residents’ privacy and adhere to residence policies during the visit. To apply for relatives and friends to visit, students can fill out this form: Visitor Application Form.

Students may bring motorcycles or cars to the dormitory. For motorcycles, a student ID swipe at the gate is required. For cars, a registration form must be filled out at the security gate. Any issues should be reported to security or the Residential Hotline.

Freshmen are allowed to go home or sleep outside the dormitory. However, they must inform the Residential Life management by texting the Residential hotline with their name, student number, reason for staying out overnight, and the date and time of their return.

Students can receive deliveries at the dormitory. The delivery address should be written as:
“Security gate/Dormitory gate of VinUni University, Vinhomes Ocean Park, Da Ton Ward, Gia Lam District, Hanoi”
“Canteen VinUni University, Vinhomes OceanPark, Da Ton Ward, Gia Lam District, Hanoi”

Students should bring daily living items like laundry baskets, toilet rolls, towels, and cleaning products. Personal items to make the space feel more like home, such as cups, posters, and photos, are also recommended.