Our international students are not just part of the VinUni family, they are ambassadors of their cultures and essential contributors to our global dialogue. At VinUniversity, we celebrate this diversity daily, ensuring that every voice is heard and every perspective valued. Together, we’re not just building a university, we’re creating a global community of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Diverse Origins, United in Learning

At VinUniversity, we pride ourselves on fostering a truly international academic environment. Our vibrant student body hails from 16 different countries, bringing a rich tapestry of cultures, perspectives, and experiences to our campus. This diversity is not just our strength but also a source of daily inspiration and learning for the entire VinUni community.

Exploring Academic Excellence in Four Dynamic Colleges

At VinUniversity, our international students are integral to the vibrant academic life across our three distinguished colleges. These colleges are not just educational institutions; they are nurturing grounds for future professionals, innovators, and leaders. Each college boasts a dynamic curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring our international students receive an education that is both comprehensive and tailored to global standards.

Student Life

Embracing cultural integration at VinUniversity means creating bridges that connect individuals from around the world. Through collaborative initiatives, events, and language exchange programs, we empower students to appreciate and understand different cultures, promoting a truly global community on our campus.


At VinUniversity, our dormitories are vibrant hubs of cultural exchange, where international students live alongside their Vietnamese counterparts. This co-living experience offers a unique opportunity for all students to immerse in diverse cultures, foster understanding, and build lasting friendships. It’s not just accommodation; it’s a gateway to a richer, more integrated university life, enhancing the educational journey for students from around the globe.


a. VinUni Culture Club

VinUni Culture Club (VCC) aims to provide students with deep knowledge about cultural diversity, as well as create a space for students to discuss cross-cultural issues and immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences.
Highlights: Instead of showing the beauty of one or a few specific cultures, VinUni Culture Club aims to celebrate the differences in identity and bring the value of diversity – inclusivity to VinUni community. We would achieve this through cultural events, cultural media and cultural products.

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b. VinUni International Student Association (VISA)

The VinUni International Student Association (VISA) is an essential part of the VinUniversity community, dedicated to supporting and enhancing the experiences of international students both on campus and throughout Vietnam. As a dynamic and inclusive organization, VISA plays a pivotal role in helping students from around the globe navigate their new academic and cultural environment. It offers a platform for international students to connect, share their diverse backgrounds, and engage in a wide range of activities and events. VISA is not just a support system; it’s a community where students find a sense of belonging, foster lifelong friendships, and explore the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam. Through various initiatives, social gatherings, and cultural exchange programs, VISA ensures that every international student at VinUni feels welcomed, valued, and fully integrated into the university life.

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a. Hanoi Tour

The Hanoi Tour, organized in October by the VinUni Student Council for international students, was an enriching and memorable experience. This excursion into the heart of Vietnam’s capital city included a visit to the historic Hoa Lo Prison Relic, offering students a deep dive into the poignant history of Vietnam.

Complementing this historical exploration, the students indulged in the vibrant culinary scene of Hanoi through a street food adventure. This tour was more than just a sightseeing activity; it was a journey through the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture and history. The students not only gained valuable insights into the local heritage but also created lasting memories that they will treasure for years to come. This experience undoubtedly strengthened the bond between international students and deepened their appreciation of Vietnam’s unique culture and history.

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b. Mini Year-End Party

On 27/12/2023, we gathered at the Art Room – I202 for an extraordinary celebration of diversity and unity at our International Students’ End-of-the-Year Mini Party. What a memorable evening it turned out to be!

From 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM, our vibrant community came together, not just as students from different corners of the world, but as friends and family. The air was filled with laughter, music, and a lot of chit-chat.

The event unfolded with a cozy tea break, offering a chance for everyone to mingle and share stories. The energy then shifted to excitement with our thrilling announcements and engaging trivia. It was a joy to see so many participating with enthusiasm!

Creativity was in full swing during the art design session. The mini-games brought out friendly competition and loads of fun. Each activity was a reflection of our shared goal – to foster understanding, friendship, and inclusivity.

Here are some snapshots of the evening, capturing the essence of our global community. From shared traditions to newfound friendships, every moment was a testament to the strength and beauty of our diverse backgrounds

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Student Support


Room: I117 – SAM

Point of contact:

Point of contact: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tu – Student Affairs Officer

International Student Support Center:

International Student Support Center: I120

Questions regarding to Visa and Immigration:

Questions regarding to Visa and Immigration: Mr. Le Thanh Tung – Student Affairs Officer for suitable instructions