Residential Life

As part of a unique university experience in Vietnam, and in line with established practices at some of the world’s most esteemed universities, all first-year students are required to reside in VinUni Dormitories. This approach encourages a genuine co-living, co-working, and co-learning environment. We firmly believe that this communal living arrangement enables students to foster social connections, collaborate on their studies, and cultivate enduring relationships that will prove beneficial throughout their lifetimes.


Student Activities

VinUni provides an extensive array of student activities that encompass a wide range of interests and depth. The institution consistently encourages students to conceive and organize their own events, adhering to a “student-led” approach, complementing the annual events it regularly hosts. This approach fosters increased student initiative and cultivates a diverse and dynamic academic environment.

Student Clubs & Associations

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Campus Life

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Student Blog

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Health & Well-being

VinUniversity provides an extensive and confidential [{Health & Wellbeing Service to all students}]

VinUniversity provides an extensive and confidential Health & Wellbeing Service to all students

VinUni’s on-campus clinic aims to provide high-quality, accessible, and confidential care to our students and staff.

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International students

Discover a world of opportunities and academic excellence at VinUniversity. Our International Students group is your gateway to a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces diversity and fosters global learning experiences. Join us at VinUniversity, where cultures converge, friendships flourish, and a world-class education awaits. Welcome to your home away from home!

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Student Services and Community

Student Services and Information Center

VinUni's Student Services and Information Center (SSIC) officially commenced operations on November 29, 2023, representing a significant advancement in offering comprehensive support and accurate information to the student community.

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Young Change Maker (YCM)

Established in 2021, Young Change Maker (YCM) is a community service project operated by students, under the auspices of VinUniversity. As a project by young people for young people, Young Change Maker has been aiming to build a solid foundation for high school students on their self-directed career journey based on career knowledge, work markets and transferable skills.

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