Training with a high-fidelity simulation environment helps learners improve their skills

May 6, 2023

As a part of “Safety in Anesthesia” project for the staff of Vinmec Healthcare system, the “Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology” course was conducted in April 2023 at VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center.

This course was the second part of the training series, whose first session was organized in 2022. Since the course is advanced, it requires high-fidelity simulations to enhance the realism of scenarios. Instructors of the class were distinguished clinicians from France who have successfully employed all cutting-edge technologies and facilities at VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center to bring excellent learning experiences to all learners.

Via practicing in simulated scenarios, courses attendants learned many non- technical skills such as human resource management, teamwork, and briefing skills. They also had great opportunities to use their knowledge and skills to solve clinical problems, which would be extremely helpful for them in their future.

Simulation-based training is an ideal mode of learning that helps learners hone their skills, thus forming their reflexes to deal with real crises at work.

Instructors’ information:

Dr. Guillaunme Der Sahakian: Chief of Simulation Center & Emergency Simulation Programs Director- Center for Medical Simulation, Orange Hospital, France. Director of the Medical Simulation Center, Orange Hospital, France.

Dr. Clément Buléon, CEO Simulation For All, Anesthesiology Programs Director- Caen University Hospital, France. Director of the Medical Simulation Center, University of Caen Normandie, France.

Starting the course with a warm-up game helps learners understand the importance of teamwork

Practicing situations in a simulated operating room