VinUni student’s startup becomes the provider of financial education solutions for Techcombank

May 25, 2024

Recently, the financial education program Next Gen, implemented by Techcombank and VinUni, has officially kicked off, with the expectation of bringing a “fresh breeze” for a dynamic and useful summer for students.

In particular, #Finful – a startup incubated from E-lab – VinUni’s Startup Center, has excellently been chosen as the provider of the financial education platform for the program. Specifically, Finful will undertake the construction and customization of online learning solutions for students participating in the Next Gen program. The strength of Finful compared to other financial education platforms is to transform “tough” financial knowledge into lively and attractive through concise, visual lessons, and diverse interactive activities. This is also the advantage that helped Finful get the “nod” from Techcombank – the organizer of the program.

“I feel very happy when Finful is directly involved in a large-scale program like Next Gen. This great opportunity comes to Finful from the experience, capacity of Finful’s core team in understanding consumer behavior and the ability to design attractive learning solutions, and an indispensable part is from the introduction, connection and advice from the teachers of the College of Business & Management and the E-lab of VinUni.” – Nguyen Luu Anh Tuan, founder of Finful, a VinUni student, shared.

It can be seen that, with the strong support from VinUni’s teachers, Anh Tuan dared to think and dared to do to gradually affirm the value of Finful not only stopping at “student startup” but truly developing into a “real” startup with a vision to become the number 1 platform for financial education solutions in the future.

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