“Igniting” leadership spirit and borderless cultural immersion with the summer program of University College London (UCL) students at VinUni

June 13, 2024

VinUni is honored to become the only university in Vietnam and the second in the world to host the Widening Participation Summer Programme of the University College London (UCL, UK) taking place from June 10th to 17th. The Program aims at providing students with the opportunity to hone leadership skills and immerse in culture across borders.

As part of the Program, on the morning of June 12, VinUni was delighted to welcome outstanding students from diverse background carefully selected from nearly 170 applications by UCL representatives. The event marks a memorable summer journey between VinUni and UCL students with a series of ongoing activities

  • Listen to a series of lectures from VinUni lecturers on the history of Vietnam; necessary skills for entrepreneurship; cross-cultural navigation and prospects of wealth management in Vietnam
  • Engage in group project with the theme “Leadership and Cultural Immersion”
  • Explore the operation process of businesses in Vietnam through a visit to Vinfast – the first global electrical automotive manufacturer in Vietnam
  • Experience diverse culture through listening to Vietnamese history; participating in tours in 3 provinces (Hanoi, Quang Ninh and Ninh Binh); cooking classes and networking with VinUni students

“I am very excited to be able to help my students have the opportunity to learn and exchange culture at VinUni with an excellent education system and infrastructure, along with the hospitality of VinUni lecturers and students. I am sure that these are unique experiences that no textbook can bring to my students” – Ms. Leanne Yu – UCL representative shared.

Let’s look forward to an exciting and engaging summer journey with a series of activities aimed at the future of cultural intersection and elevating the spirit of unlimited entrepreneurship!