VinUni student startup won 1st Prize at I-Startup 2024

May 31, 2024

Recently, Relive, a multidisciplinary team led by VinUni CBM student Le Minh Hung, secured the first prize at the I-Startup 2024 competition, hosted by the National Economics University. Competing against 120 startups from various fields, the team impressed the judges with their innovative digital platform designed to streamline the rehabilitation and physiotherapy process.

Relive team won the 1st Prize at the I-Startup 2024 competition.

Under the mentorship of Prof. Hieu Pham, Associate Director at VinUni-Illinois Smart Health Center (VinUni), and MD Minh Ho, Managing Director and 3D Motion Engineer My Than at The Motion Analysis Lab at VinMec, the Relive team identified significant challenges faced by doctors and patients in the process of tracking and managing patients’ rehabilitation progress at home. This prompted them to create a pioneering digital platform.

This empowers healthcare professionals with comprehensive tools for monitoring patient progress while serving as a virtual coach for patients themselves. For doctors, the interactive website provides a seamless interface for tracking and managing patient adherence and recovery trajectories. Meanwhile, patients benefit from AI-driven analyses of their movements, personalized corrective feedback delivered through advanced 3D angle and vector calculations, along with voice-over guidance.

GUI of the Relive – an AI-based solution towards better physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Looking ahead, Relive’s groundbreaking solution is poised to extend beyond the competition, benefiting from the support and guidance of the VinUni-Illinois Smart Health Center and its mentors. This platform has the potential to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, making these services more accessible and effective, and positively impacting countless lives.