How to be a great communicator and presenter | Career Readiness Series 2023 – 2024

July 9, 2024

The recent career workshop: How to Be a Great Communicator and Presenter, featuring Ms. Yenly Tran, Founder & CEO of Etík Academy had been a resounding success with more than 70 participants across 4 Colleges and all cohorts.

Ms. Yenly Tran emphasized the importance of etiquette as a way to respect yourself and others

We would like to extend our genuine gratitude to our esteemed guest speaker for sharing invaluable insights on etiquette and communication in professional settings and in important occasions such as Career Day. We also want to thank VinUni students for their enthusiastic participation and engagement throughout the event.

Here are some highlights to present yourself professionally with etiquette and win every hiring process:

Ms. Yenly Tran emphasized the importance of etiquette as a way to respect yourself and others.
You can present your etiquette via various forms, including the way you talk, dress, move, behave, and smell.

For Career Day, Ms. Yenly shared tips to stand out in the application pool: “Knowing the industry, company’s hiring process, and culture can give you a competitive advantage, and have a good grasp of the timeline.”

The STAR model practice session proved beneficial for effectively presenting yourself and winning recruiters’ impressions during the application stage: “It’s not merely about your past accomplishments; what truly matters is your ability to demonstrate how you can contribute to the company moving forward.”

By following Ms. Yenly’s advice, VinUnians hopefully will be able to cultivate a compelling personal image and demonstrate professional behavior to recruiters on Career Day and career-related events, thus enhancing VinUnians’ chances of landing positions at their desired companies!
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