Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Course “Iron metabolism disorders”

June 5, 2023

VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center is pleased to introduce an online course on “Iron Metabolism Disorders,” led by Dr. Phan Truc from Vinmec International General Hospital. Dr. Truc is also the affiliated faculty of VinUniversity.

💼 Participants:

  • All healthcare professionals who are interested in the topic of Iron Metabolism Disorders.
  • Healthcare professionals who need to accumulate CME hours.
  • Medical students are seeking to expand their knowledge of Iron Metabolism Disorders.

📢 Key features of the course:

  • 100% online learning program with a user-friendly format for easy and convenient knowledge acquisition.
  • Each program module is meticulously designed, providing comprehensive knowledge and a fresh learning experience.

🎓 Certification: Upon course completion, participants will be awarded a CME certificate from the College of Health Sciences, VinUni University, recognized by the Ministry of Health. (Note: CME certification is only granted to healthcare professionals; medical students do not meet the eligibility criteria for certification.)

📢 Register today to embark on your learning journey and enhance your knowledge! Course registration link: Rối Loạn Chuyển Hóa Sắt (