At the crossroads of Education and Technology: Unveiling VinUni’s first AI-Integrated E-textbook

February 2, 2024

The official introduction of of its inaugural AI-integrated electronic textbook dedicated to “Linear Algebra and Applications”  

Have you ever imagined a textbook that not only encompasses a wealth of knowledge but can also “communicate” and “comprehend” your needs? This innovative endeavor marks the cutting-edge initiative VinUni is proud to unveil with the debut of its inaugural AI-integrated electronic textbook dedicated to “Linear Algebra and Applications”. The official introduction of this “innovative companion” was organized on January 25th in partnership with the VinUni Library and the Agile Innovation Center (AIC).

This publication represents a passionate endeavor by a team of authors that Prof. Laurent El Ghaoui, Vice Provost of Research & Innovation and Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) at VinUni as a chief editor. The authors aim to present knowledge in the most engaging and lively manner possible, moving beyond theoretical explanations. Consequently, readers not only learn but also comprehend and apply it in fields as varied as engineering, physics, computer science, and economics.

“E-book is a very efficient way to transmit knowledge. I hope this book will encourage others to adopt this format for their textbooks and academic materials”, Prof. Laurent remarked. He further highlighted the book’s role as an accessible resource, inviting all to engage with and discover its distinctive attributes.

Chief Editor – Professor Laurent El Ghaoui introduced the book

A notable feature of this textbook is the creation of a “virtual assistant” developed by the NaviAI startup project, a group of VinUni’s students. This tool will open a new learning experience by enabling interaction, auditory learning, and immediate information access, fostering a more engaging and dynamic educational process. Besides, the AI can also generate various question types and flashcards, tailored to suit varying levels, thus facilitating easier rêtntion and integration of knowledge.

The event was honored to welcome Prof. David Bangsberg – Provost of VinUniversity

The NaviAI project is committed to continuously improving this feature, aiming to integrate a broader range of the book’s related information on the Internet, ensuring users have immediate access to valuable resources. “This book transcends the mere presentation of facts through practice questions; it fosters an environment of active learning and streamlines the process of creating educational materials. This significantly enhances the learning and teaching experience for educators and students”, shared Nguyen Tuan Hiep, a member of the NaviAI project.

At the event, the organizing committee also awarded the First Prize for the book cover design competition to Nguyen Quoc Cuong, a student from the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

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