VinUniversity’s special Admissions round is open – Fee waiver and 5-5-5 fast enrollment process

June 5, 2023

VinUni’s Special Admissions Round is officially open for talented Vietnamese and international students! To be qualified for the Special Admissions Round, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:

🎯 Won national or international awards in academic fields:

🔹 National or international Olympic awards in science

🔹 1st place in the quarterly rounds or/and above of the Road to Olympia competition

🔹 High awards in prestigious competitions: FIRST Robotics Competition, World Scholar’s Cup, Intel ISEF, ViSEF…

🎯 Ranked in the top 5% in standardized tests
🔹 International tests (SAT, ACT…)
🔹 Entrance exams of prestigious universities (Vietnam National University Hanoi, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi University Of Science And Technology,…)

🎯 Graduated from high school (obtained the National High School Graduation Diploma) or International Baccalaureate Diploma or British A-Levels with a top 5% GPA

🎯 Currently study and expect to obtain the International Baccalaureate or British A-Levels with a top 5% GPA

🎯 Acquire an offer letter from Top 100 Universities worldwide

🎯 Acquire outstanding music, arts, sports, or debating talents

Candidates of the Special Admissions Round will have their application fee waived and be assessed quickly and comprehensively according to the Special 5-5-5 Admissions Process:

✅ Within 5 working days of application submission, candidates will receive the result whether they get invited to the interview.

✅ Within 5 working days after the interview, candidates will receive application result letters and admission offer letters with scholarship conditions (if any).

✅ Within 5 working days of receiving the offer letter, candidates will make their enrollment decision.

🔥 VinUni offers various Financial Aid and Scholarship schemes that are waiting for you to explore!
To apply for the Special Admissions Round, you only need to complete two steps:

👉 Sign up at HERE

👉 Submit application at HERE

👉 After completing the application, send an email to to confirm your application for the Special Admissions Round. Don’t forget to mention what makes you stand out!

Contact VinUni Admissions Department at:
📩 Email:
☎ Hotline: 1800 8189