VinUniversity Students Practice Leadership Skills to Survive the Leadership Bootcamp Challenges

September 21, 2022

🔹Taking on roles as a medical team that had to cross the falls to rescue people in flash flood areas;

🔹building a bridge to cross poisoned waters during a war;

🔹transporting food and the wounded across different terrains;

🔹marching throughout the night, etc.

These are the challenges and memorable experiences of VinUniversity students at the Leadership Bootcamp – where leadership skills are honed through intensive activities, difficult challenges, challenging circumstances, and limited means – taught VinUnians valuable lessons on leadership (self-leadership and group leadership) as well as teamwork.

“Every time we completed a challenge, we would sit down and reflect on the previous situation together. Each challenge was a lesson in leadership skills: from connecting members and allocating resources to resolving conflicts and reaching consensus for effective decision-making. Through each challenge, our group became increasingly united and understanding of one another.” – shared Bui Hong Anh, a second-year student at the College of Business and Management.

The Leadership Bootcamp 2022 with the theme “Be a Changemaker” was organized with 2 phases. The 1st phase was held in 9/2022, with 3 groups of students, each participating in a 2-day-1-night program at the Youth Training Center (Soc Son). The program is jointly organized by VinUniversity and IOGT Vietnam. This is one of the 2 core training components of VinUniversity’s compulsory Leadership and Team Building Boot Camp Course for all VinUniversity students.

“At VinUni, we believe that everyone can be a leader. VinUniversity students are trained in leadership skills from their first year of university. After students have studied the latest theoretical approaches to leadership, developed an awareness of personal development, and understood how to lead in various situations, the Leadership Boot Camp provides students with the opportunity to put these theories into practice, develop team building skills, critical thinking, conflict resolution, communication, decision making, and survival skills in the wilderness.” – shared Assoc. Prof. Vu Anh Dung, Dean of the VinUniversity College of Arts and Sciences.

Through these lessons and self-reflection, students will gain an understanding of the core elements of leadership and identify their most suitable leadership style. The program also inspires a profound sense of comraderie and belonging among VinUni students, leaving them with memorable memories- Assoc. Prof. Vu Anh Dung added.