VinUniversity has been awarded a highly competitive, International Grant from the Cognitive Science Society

August 10, 2023

With the project “Launching Cognitive Science in Vietnam”, VinUniversity has been awarded a highly competitive, international grant from the Cognitive Science Society

In Vietnam, the general public, our students, and even many faculty are not aware of Cognitive Science as an inter-discipline, or what it can contribute to undergraduate education and to advancing science. The number of Cognitive Science experts is decreasing, as local talents emigrate abroad, while social demand is increasing. Adjacent fields, such as Anthropology, Computer Science, Philosophy, and Psychology, enjoy varying degrees of popularity. 

The project’s purpose is to raise the profile of Cognitive Science in Vietnam, create a network of practitioners, inspire new collaborations, and engage our students. 

The project is led by Dr. K. David Harrison, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs; joined by VinUni’s faculty, and supported VinUni’s students, as detailed below:

  • Other members: Thuy Bui (co-PI), Hieu Pham, Nidal Kamel, Daniel Ruelle, Michael Clark
  • Student assistant: Jhon Sebastian Romero Meza, Minh The Dinh, Tuan Anh Phan Nguyen, Minh Khang Hoang Cong

“This grant will be used to bring together diverse scholars from various Vietnamese Universities who are experts in one or more of the subfields that contribute to Cognitive Science (AI, Mathematics, Psychology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Education, Linguistics). Our goal will be to exchange ideas, raise awareness, and raise the profile of Cognitive Science. Cognitive Science is not very widely known in Vietnam as an emerging discipline, and it is not taught as a subject (as far as I know). It’s an honor for VinUni to receive this grant from the Cognitive Science Society, which is the leading global organization that promotes this discipline. The grant was awarded in a highly competitive, global competition, and VinUni’s project was one of just 2 funded out of more than 50 proposals submitted. This grant will also provide an opportunity to bring a leading Cognitive Scientist from Cornell as our keynote speaker for the event, and it will appeal to a diverse group of VinUni students who are interested in the study of the mind,’’ remarked Dr. K. David Harrison.