Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

November 20, 2022

On November 17th, VinUni educators gathered in a warm and cozy celebration of the Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. VinUni students also took part in the celebration with flower bouquets on hands giving to all VinUnians. They expressed their gratitude and respect to the educators by telling their stories of how the educators have been role models to them, or made great impacts on their perspectives, or inspired them to be a better version of themselves in so many ways.

On this occasion, one more time we recognized the great contribution of all VinUni educators in making impactful changes in the educational experience of our students. Congratulations to the individuals who have strongly committed to quality teaching and learning: Nguyen Thi Mai Lan (CBM), Jason Picard (CAS), Anupama Devendrakumar (CAS) and Le Duy Dzung (CECS) for receiving the Teaching Excellence Award; Nguyen Hoang Thy Nga (CBM) and Vu Thanh Phuong (CHS) for receiving the Teaching Assistant Award; and Tran Thi Mai (CECS) for receiving the Encouragement Award.

At the closing of the celebration, there was a lot of laughter as VinUni educators and students enjoyed good food and had a good time together. What a scene to see educators and students strengthen their bond.