VinUni Teambuilding

July 25, 2022

After a long time with the COVID-19 pandemic, on May 20-21, 2022, VinUni had the opportunity to organise an Engagement trip with the theme of “Empathy and Appreciation”. This is a 24-hour event series including team building activities, a gala dinner, and a workshop.  

Teambuilding Activities (Hunger Game Season 2) 

On this occasion, all VinUnians, including faculty and staff, participated in this special Hunger Game activities. We had an opportunity to experience the folklore of the Northern Delta of Vietnam through different very-first-time challenges such as smashing clay pots, sieving rice, catching ducks, rowing and fishing. Through that, every VinUnian was truly immersed in the rural life and wild nature in Vietnam. 

Gala Dinner 

In the evening, VinUnians have gathered and honored the team spirit in the Gala Dinner. It was time for us to celebrate all of our hard work, show off all faculty and staff members’ hidden talents by amazing performances from Colleges/ Departments, and make the celebration among ourselves memorable. Although City 2 won the biggest prize of VinUni Hunger Game Season 2, One VinUni is the overall winning team with the high spirit of unity among all members. It is said that all VinUnians not only made a great effort but also lifted our team spirit to successful overcome all challenges. 

Appreciation Workshop 

In the next morning, there was an Appreciation Workshop where each person has the opportunity to say thank you to our colleagues and be grateful for what we have at VinUni.  

We appreciate the opportunities to do great things, each success and effort of our beloved colleagues. We empathise with the differences of every individual in the organization. We cherish and are proud of many unique things at VinUni. 

At the workshop, we asked “If someone ask you what make you proud of most of VinUni?” Here there were the list:  

  • Mission to nurture talents for the future; 
  • The cooperation between excellent professors and talented students; 
  • English-speaking international environment; 
  • Beautiful campus and cutting-edge library; 
  • Daily growth opportunities for everyone. 

In order to appreciate and empathise, firstly you need to understand it. In order to understand it, you need to be open yourself and let yourself experience new things/ new journey. 

By experiencing you understand, by understanding you appreciate 

Our VinUni team building trip has brought new energy, love, unity and confidence about the upcoming journeys.  

Hopefully, together we will create more amazing and unforgettable memories in our upcoming events! 

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