Opening Ceremony of Academic Year 2022-2023

August 25, 2022

VinUni Pre-convocation Day – Closing of 2021-2022 Academic Year and Opening of the 2022-2023 Academic Year had been successfully taken place on August 23, 2022. 

In the morning session, all VinUnians had opportunities to recall the highlights of our endless efforts and remarkable achievements in the previous AY21-22. We already looked back at our journey in the past Academic Year in 04 insightful areas: Student Experience, Employee Experience, Teaching Innovation Excellence, and Research Innovation Excellence. After that, there was a town hall session where all ideas and initiatives from faculty and staff members had been shared to improve the student, faculty, and staff experience at VinUni. About 30 constructive and burning questions were raised and answered by our leaders.

Highlights of our endless efforts and remarkable achievements in the previous AY21-22 

Our journey in the past Academic Year in 04 insightful areas 

Town hall session with constructive and burning questions raised and answered 

Following that, the strategy, goals, and priorities of VinUni for the coming AY22-23 were announced. Then, the morning session was concluded with a remarkable ceremony: representative leaders ignited the figurative blaze of commitments towards VinUni mission and direction in AY22-23, and, in effect, formally start our new academic year. 

To commemorate the commitments made, President of the University Council launched the theme of Academic Year 2022-2023: BE A CHANGE MAKER – CONQUER THE WORLD. The 2022-23 Academic Year will be a year full of challenges as each of us carry the responsibility of being a change maker, yet the quintessence of VinUnians is seeing opportunities in the challenges. 

In the afternoon session, all of us had time to reflect on the direction of VinUni in the new academic year. Colleges and Departments discussed and agreed on key business challenge projects and initiatives to achieve VinUni’s ambitious goals. After that, the project owners with dedicated team presented a summary on the stage to make their own commitments in front of all VinUnians. 

During this all-day program, we have had the opportunity to both look back and look ahead, to reflect on our responsibilities and roles in fulfilling the missions of VinUni. Once being acknowledgeable of shared vision, mission and expected values for upcoming AY22-23, VinUnians have been energized, enthusiastic and determined to conquer key business challenge projects and initiatives. It is not just “Imagine”, together “We are the world”. 

After the whole intense day, in the evening, all VinUnians joined an upbuilding and wholesome get-together at the Gala dinner where we have good food, beer, music, performances, a DJ, lucky draw, and a lot of laughter to commemorate another milestone in the journey of VinUniversity. It is absolutely incredible to see all VinUnians gather like this and make such a mesmerizing day.