VinUnians Welcome Vin29 Grand Ceremony

July 25, 2022

Since May 2022, many exciting activities have taken place to welcome Vin29 Grand Ceremony. In that lively atmosphere, all VinUnians actively participated with the spirit of “work smart, play hard”. Being a diverse and multicultural community, our VinUnians joined all kinds of activities to mark Vin29 together with colleagues from Vinpearl, Vinhomes, Vinschool, Vinmec, VinAI, VinBrain, Vinbiocare, VinFast, VinES and so on. 

Performance finale 

It is especially noteworthy that Prof. Laurent Marc El Ghaoui, Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science and Mr. Daniel Ruelle, Program Director of English and Communications at the College of Arts and Sciences, joined the performance. The whole team was highly dedicated to practice and rehearsal sessions. In the afternoon of July 17th, 2022, our performance made the audience burst into applause and won the hearts of all those who were present. This was a unique performance due to the participation of both Vietnamese and foreign employees. 

“United and Rising” Running Contest 

The conclusion of the large-scale Vin29 activity series was marked by the “United and Rising” running contest. This activity drew the largest number of VinUnians. As have been seen, on July 23rd, 2022, VinUni’s sporting spirit was not only lifted in Vietnam but also all over the world. 

In Vietnam (VinUni, Vinhomes Ocean Park) 

Each activity provided a valuable opportunity to bring VinUnians together and strengthen our ties and mutual understanding. The precious awards that each VinUnian receives are the invaluable moments to be a part of memories together and to be One VinUni.