February 21, 2023
Helloooo! My name is Le Khanh and I am writing to you from the seafront library of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST – ranks #14 in Asia – QS 2023). After completing my fall semester at VinUniversity College of Business & Management, I got the chance to go to Hong Kong for my 3rd year of university.
In preparation for this opportunity, I tried to gain a lot of experience at VinUniversity. Most recently, I was one of the first participants of Google for Startups, Startup Academy Vietnam.
When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to experience the warm atmosphere of the “Happy Spring Festival 2023” organized by the Vietnamese Consulate General. There, I witnessed the establishment of the Vietnamese Student Association in Hong Kong. Additionally, in my Trade Negotiations in Asia and Potential Markets class, I learn how to negotiate and understand the mindset of Asian partners through MBA-level business cases – which were meticulously prepared by my professor based on successful negotiations. One notable deal was the first loan deal between China and the US since 1949.
I am extremely excited for the upcoming opportunities and challenges facing me here in this new land!