July 10, 2024

Meet Oluwaseyifunmi Akorede Ayoola, our Talent scholarship winner – an incoming student at the College of Health Sciences at VinUni.

From Nigeria to studying abroad in Canada throughout High school years, Seyi chose to follow a challenging path to pursue her tertiary education. After writing early 50 essays for countless scholarship applications, her unwavering determination and strategic dreaming ultimately won over the VinUni Admissions Committee. Choosing VinUni in Vietnam, a new university, over opportunities in the US, Canada, and the UK was a decision that took many nights of contemplation for both Seyi and her mother. In the end, Seyi confidently decided to pursue a Doctor of Medicine program at VinUni, drawn by its modern educational philosophy and future opportunities for interdisciplinary research. Seyi’s story is an inspiring testament to resilience and ambition. Let’s read more about this tough girl!

Dream high and dream straight to the point

From a young age, Seyi was captivated by the intriguing and challenging field of healthcare and the profound impact of nurturing. Growing up in a community exposed to many hardships, Seyi developed a deep compassion for those around her and a strong interest in health issues, particularly pediatric health. Additionally, Seyi shares a special fondness for children, expressing that interacting, caring for, and working with them brings her joy and a sense of purpose. She believes children are pure, innocent, and deserve the utmost care and attention.

If personal interests and life experiences hint at a career path, Seyi’s dedication to honing her skills solidifies her commitment to this dream. She shares that she has a strong foundation in STEM subjects and enjoys science. Seyi believes that a dream fueled by both passion and capability is the most achievable. Her passion for healthcare has long been a serious aspiration: “My long-term goal is to become a family pediatrician and a global health practitioner,” Seyi shares sincerely. “As a family doctor, I envision myself accompanying individuals from birth to adulthood, focusing not only on treating illnesses but also on providing comprehensive support for their physical, emotional, and medical well-being.”

While Seyi’s dreams and passions are well-planned, her journey is not without challenges…

Background creates determination

Raised by a single mother, Seyi’s dream of higher education seemed distant due to severe financial constraints. Recognizing the limitations of familial and friend support, she realized that securing a full-ride scholarship was her only viable path forward. The journey, however, was filled with challenges.

Seyi tirelessly applied to approximately 15 universities, each requiring 3-4 essays, amounting to nearly 50 essays in total. Despite pouring her heart into each application and having considerable offers, countless scholarship denials drained her energy and tested her resilience. Each setback served as a poignant reminder of the uphill battle she faced.

Throughout this demanding process, Seyi drew strength from her Christian faith, her deep-seated passion for healthcare, and the unwavering support of her mother. She insisted on not only showcasing her academic achievements but, most importantly, telling and living with her true aspirations to contribute to the world, to her family, and to herself.

Her mother’s belief in Seyi’s potential and the sacrifices made in prioritizing her education became the cornerstone of Seyi’s determination. Their collaboration and shared commitment became a source of strength and motivation throughout the challenging journey.

 Behind a strong girl is a superhero mother

Throughout her journey, Seyi remained deeply grateful to her mother, acknowledging, “I owe everything to my mother. Her sacrifices and unwavering belief in me have been my driving force.” For that, she would like to take this opportunity to tell her mother “Thank you for choosing me over you, making me priority over everything including yourself, thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Seyi’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination and support. As she prepares to join VinUni, her story serves as an inspiration to all who encounter it. We eagerly await her arrival at VinUni, where her passion for healthcare and commitment to making a difference will undoubtedly thrive and inspire others.

(*) STEM stands for sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics