A young man stepping out of comfort zone to pursue scientific research for the benefit of humanity, winning a VinUni scholarship

A young man stepping out of comfort zone to pursue scientific research for the benefit of humanity, winning a VinUni scholarship

July 1, 2024

Vũ Quang Hùng, a student at VNU-HCM High School for the Gifted, stands out with an almost perfect academic record of 9.9/10 and ranks in the top 0.05% in the university’s competency assessment test, thanks to his hard work and relentless effort. However, instead of choosing an easy path, Hùng believes he can further develop to create significant value for the community from the knowledge he accumulates. Therefore, he chose to step out of his comfort zone to explore new horizons in scientific research. Despite numerous failures in his initial research projects, he remained steadfast with the spirit of daring to think and act, eventually producing a commendable research product. Let us explore the inspiring story of stepping out of his comfort zone that helped Hùng successfully persuade the Admission Board of VinUni and win a scholarship at the university.

From a boy who only studied
Since childhood, Hùng admitted he was a shy boy with a somewhat monotonous and “one-dimensional” life. For over ten years of schooling, he devoted most of his time to studying without participating in extracurricular activities. Hùng diligently studied and set clear goals for every exam he took. Thus, he maintained excellent academic performance for many years. However, over time, meeting and interacting with talented and dynamic friends in high school helped him discover new aspects of himself and realize that life is not just about studying. He yearned for change and wanted to experience new things and bring real value to his life.

Daring to explore “new horizon” despite continuous failures
Inspired by Ms. Quỳnh Anh, his high school physics teacher, with her detailed and lively lessons, Hùng discovered a great passion for physics. Not stopping at merely enjoying and studying the subject, Hùng wanted to delve into research and apply the knowledge he had learned to create valuable products for the community. Deciding to engage in scientific research marked an important turning point in Hùng’s life, a day when he was no longer the best and brightest but began to explore fundamental questions like “What is scientific research?” and “What is needed to conduct scientific research?”

Hùng’s journey into scientific research did not start easily. He was completely overwhelmed by the stark difference between theory and practice. There were times when Hùng thought about giving up when changes did not yield the expected results. But with determination to prove his abilities and a desire to provide all students at his school with the opportunity to use the physics lab, Hùng persevered. He persistently corrected his mistakes, seeking professional support from friends and teachers. Finally, he succeeded in developing a virtual physics lab application for high school students, sparking a passion for physics through experimentation among his schoolmates. This product earned Hùng second prize in the school-level scientific research competition, clearly demonstrating his effort and creativity.

“VinUni is the ideal environment to maximize my potential”
With a desire to pursue scientific research, Hùng decided to choose VinUni after listening to a talk by PhD. Phạm Ngọc Nam, Vice Dean of College of Engineering and Computer Science, about the daily opportunities to have in-depth discussions with faculty at the university. Hùng saw it as a valuable opportunity to learn from the professors, helping him advance further and faster on the path of developing his passion for scientific research. He believes that “VinUni is the ideal environment to optimize potential and realize the aspiration of creating value for the community.” With his passion and aspiration for research for humanity, Hùng convinced the Admission Board of VinUni and won a scholarship at the university. For Hùng, this is just the beginning; he continues to challenge himself in new areas every day to discover his potential and perfect himself with the desire to contribute to society.