When the thirst for spreading knowledge drives creative entrepreneurship

When the thirst for spreading knowledge drives creative entrepreneurship

By: When the Thirst for Spreading Knowledge Drives Creative Entrepreneurship
July 3, 2024

Meet Tuấn Anh: VinUni Computer Science Scholarship Recipient with a Spirit of Empathy-Driven Entrepreneurship

As a student specializing in IT at Lê Quý Đôn High School for the Gifted, Tuấn Anh has always had a strong attachment to science and technology, participating in various informatics competitions. Beyond his impressive academic achievements, Tuấn Anh demonstrates unique thinking, personal passions, and a willingness to try new things. Grateful for the opportunities to learn and explore the world, he brings a spirit of empathy towards those who “thirst for knowledge.” This led him to collaborate with peers and seniors to establish Tyrpese, a “mini” knowledge hub for students pursuing computer science and IT. Tuấn Anh’s love for creative projects and desire to solve business problems has always been a part of him. At VinUni, with skills honed through projects and his passion, Tuấn Anh successfully earned the prestigious Talent Scholarship. Let’s learn more about Tuấn Anh and his story below.

The foundation drives opportunities and Compassion as a Motivator for Action

With a foundation in natural sciences, Tuấn Anh pursued mathematics and IT from a young age with determination. His perseverance paid off as he was given opportunities to compete in various provincial and national contests and engage in special training with other schools. Driven by a passion for knowledge and a strong spirit of progress, Tuấn Anh did not stop at the given opportunities but actively sought and elevated them. According to Tuấn Anh, the Southern Computer Science Summer Camp for gifted students was a turning point for him. Beyond expanding academic knowledge, he valued meeting outstanding peers from other specialized schools who offered new, diverse perspectives, from solving programming problems to defining “life action strategies.” He also utilized this opportunity to connect with a network of computer science enthusiasts and undertake memorable projects during high school.

For someone who respects academic learning and the chance to access knowledge like Tuấn Anh, the circumstances that provided him with this education made him ponder: “If students lack opportunities to study at specialized schools and financial means to systematically learn computer science, wouldn’t they face immense challenges with unclear information sources and complex algorithms? Wouldn’t this lead to burnout and abandonment of their passion?”

Driven by a deep empathy for the “desire to learn, to engage, to grow,” Tuấn Anh decided to join the Tyrpese project team, a “mini” knowledge hub for students pursuing computer science. The team publishes articles on creative problem-solving techniques on HackMD, fostering in-depth and engaging discussions within the community, and helping young computer scientists actively enhance their knowledge.

Stepping Out of the Scientific Comfort Zone: Entrepreneurship at VinUni

Aware of his strong foundation, Tuấn Anh aims to combine it with his passion for “business” and is preparing a plan to venture into the challenging yet exciting entrepreneurial path. He and his team have come up with an idea for an app that supports coffee shops, notifying customers about local favorites and estimating travel times to optimize order chains.

This pursuit of his idea motivated him to apply to VinUni—a university that champions entrepreneurship. Before applying, Tuấn Anh spent hours researching the school, impressed by its laboratories and the dedicated support for young businesses both in knowledge and finance. During his first VinUni Open Day, he was delighted to attend Dr. Mai Lan’s “Introduction to Stock Trading” class and receive close support from the seniors. From that moment, Tuấn Anh knew, “VinUni would definitely be my next destination.”

Excellence Stemming from Family Support

Excitedly sharing, Tuấn Anh feels fortunate to be driven by the excellence of his family members. Growing up in a traditional environment that highly values academic learning, he feels lucky to have innovative-thinking parents who encourage and support his life experiences and community activities. His parents encouraged him to make breakthroughs and taught him about the endless possibilities of the future. Admiring his parents and older brother, Tuấn Anh always looks to his family as role models, guiding him to find his path to shine.

Behind Tuấn Anh’s successes is a supportive community and deep gratitude. Congratulations to Tuấn Anh on the well-deserved recognition of his efforts, and we look forward to seeing him at VinUni soon!