From Small Crochet Pieces to a Business Management Scholarship at VinUni

June 6, 2024

Creative and diverse, fond of new experiences and constant exploration, loving others, caring for oneself, and committed to contribution – This is Phan Trần Hà Linh, a young girl with unwavering passion and a warm heart for the community, whom we had the pleasure of meeting during our series of interviews with the VinUni Scholarship Winners of 2024.

Phan Tran Ha Linh, student at Foreign Specialized Language School, is one of VinUni Scholarship winners

Talking about Hà Linh, we were introduced to the winner of the AI Challenge Innovator 2024, an outstanding individual who successfully received acceptance letters from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Management University (SMU) – the latter also awarding her a high-value scholarship. Beyond these awards and achievements, we see Hà Linh as someone who passionately tells the story of her entrepreneurial journey and community involvement.

Linh’s journey began in her early days working in the Environment Club at the Foreign Language Specialized School, where she served as the vice head of communications. She became closely acquainted with concepts such as “branding,” “content creation,” and “imagery” and was directly involved in writing messages and articles that spread environmental campaign knowledge. This nurtured her interest in Communication and Marketing. Linh shared that her entrepreneurial journey started serendipitously with a crocheting project, which began as a casual attempt to knit a gift for a friend, bringing her closer to practical Marketing. Linh’s self-run store started operating from the smallest things on social media, handling orders, production, planning, and pricing strategy. Persevering from small crochet pieces, this opportunity helped Linh distinguish more clearly between communication and Marketing, and reorient her career path. She decided to study Business Administration at VinUni to delve deeper into Marketing within the broader framework of “Management.”

Moreover, we believe that deep within her journey of self-improvement is a passionate heart always eager to contribute to society. “Ad flora” is one of the notable projects Linh brought to this journey. In this project, she actively called on students in her school to donate clothes for disabled children. Linh sorted the clothes, practiced recycling old clothes into yarn, and, along with her teammates, donated the most finished products to those in need.

In her journey of self-discovery and social action, we see in Hà Linh a determined enthusiasm to bring her ideas and ideals to life. This is also why she chose VinUni and nurtured the strong motivation that helped her successfully win the scholarship to the College of Business Management. Learning about VinUni’s Entrepreneurship Lab (E-lab) and Super Lab, and having in-depth sharing experiences with lecturers she had never thought possible, made her feel the “high level of student support” spirit of the school. “I believe VinUni will teach and support me with what I need” to realize the ideals I have set.

Sharing with us, Linh believes that this journey would be much more difficult without the tremendous support from her family and friends, and she is truly grateful for their unwavering encouragement. Interestingly, a significant source of motivation for Linh comes from the music group Stray Kids, whom she admires. Their saying, “If you are a bit behind, wouldn’t you have a longer runway to be able to jump really far?,” helped Linh step out of peer pressure and remain steadfast in her own path.

Thank you, Linh, for such a beautiful life story, and we look forward to seeing you at VinUni on the brilliant journey you are about to embark on!