[Teaching] Active Pedagogy

May 17, 2021

As a newly established educational institution, VinUniversity strives to reach the highest international standards through the cultivation of excellent quality in research, teaching and student experience. In order to realize this vision, we start with our faculty. The “Lunch and Learn” workshop series is one of our initiatives to upskill faculty in active learning.

An idea formed and executed by VinUniversity’s Learning Taskforce, the Lunch and Learn program seeks to help faculty address teaching-and-learning issues that arise during classes and offer practical solutions that they can apply in their course immediately.
Faculty will experience a mix of pedagogically-focused and Canvas-focused sessions to improve their courses’s content and teaching approach, thus effectively facilitating both offline and online teaching and learning. With guidance and support from our taskforce, faculty are able to practice navigating educational technologies such as Zoom and Canvas and learn how to fully utilize available technological resources to facilitate their teaching.

“At any university, building a culture is very important, so right in the first year we want to make it very clear to our faculty and students that we value high-quality teaching a lot. Having faculty share with one another best practices in teaching one of the ways to build this culture. Moreover, faculty learn best when they learn from peers, especially in informal settings. That is why the Lunch and Learn series is initiated – to foster a fun, interactive and voluntary environment wherein our faculty can sit down to catch up with each other and share about how they are promoting teaching in their own classes.” Mrs Amita Verma, Taskforce Leader, shared with us the motivation behind this workshop series.
The series comprises 9 sessions that cover topics related to the most immediate needs and concerns of faculty. Although the last session has concluded on 7th May, the Learning Taskforce hopes to make it a tradition for VinUniversity faculty in the future, so that there will always be an hour every week dedicated to knowledge-sharing and personal bonding in our faculty’s schedule.

Workshop Schedule

March 2 Hybrid Teaching + IT Walkthrough Differentiating offline from online teaching and highlighting best practices in conducting hybrid learning environments
March 12 Designing Effective Assessments (Multiple choice and gap fill questions) Explore evidence-based practices on designing formative, summative assessments and MCQs
March 19 Building Quizzes on Canvas Take advantage of the Full functionality of Canvas quizzes to reduce workload
March 26 Giving Feedback How to provide Effective and constructive feedback to students in various teaching contexts
April 2 Engaging Students in Learning Improving VinUni student engagement in all learning environments
April 9 Canvas Gradebook + Assessments Using SpeedGrader and Rubrics in assessments for efficiency, transparency and objectivity in grading
April 16 Designing Team Projects for Student Success Planning student projects to facilitate collaboration, accountability and fair assessment
April 23 Gamification + Game-Based Learning (90-minutes) Using Gamification and Game-Based Learning to drive learning outcomes
May 7 Panopto Advance Training Creating and editing videos to facilitate teaching and learning