[Student-Led] VinUni’s Teachers Day

May 17, 2021

The very first 20/11 at VinUniversity.

On Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, our faculty members and staff have received plenty of love. The love from students’ performances; the love from hand-written wishes and thank you notes from students; the love from roses from VinUni’s garden; and the love from one to another.

​Even though the journey of being an educationist just started, a lot of memories have been created and we are proud to have left a vivid impression were left on the minds of our students. This event was a great opportunity to connect staff and students and it was also a time for us to look back at our very first step at VinUni. Everyone knows that it is difficult to work in the education sector, however, with such an event like this, we were reminded of our effort to build and maintain an institute for unique people to thrive.

Everyone of us enjoyed the whole show. Our envelopes were full of loving postcards, with hand-written wishes and appreciations exclusively for us to read. Each of us silently read words by words, proud of what we have done and happy tears were dropped. For some of our staff, this was the first time for them to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. Therefore, this could be a memory that we could never forget.

Our gallery sums up all of the “love” on VinUni’s Teachers Day!