VinUni international research project on the impact of outdoor tourism on ethnic minority groups in Vietnam successfully receives a £214,760 grant from the British Academy

May 18, 2024

Research team of the project “Outdoor Tourism and the Changing Cultural Narratives in Vietnamese Ethnic Minority Communities”

We are pleased to announce VinUni’s latest research initiative: “Outdoor Tourism and the Changing Cultural Narratives in Vietnamese Ethnic Minority Communities”. This project has received 2 years of financial backing under the British Academy’s ODA: International Interdisciplinary Research Projects program, with a total funding of £214,760. This collaboration will ask what the social and environmental impacts of outdoor tourism on ethnic minority communities in Vietnam are and how can we to co-create more equitable social and environmental cultural relations.

The project engages the University of Edinburgh, University of Cumbria, VinUniversity, and Vietnam National University. We are proud to announce that Dr. Myles Liam Lynch, a distinguished faculty member at the College of Arts and Sciences, serves as the Co-Principal Investigator for this research project. Dr. Lynch also currently leads the Vietnam Outdoor Research Collaborative (VORC), a team of 6 VinUni students who research outdoor education, experiential learning, and community service across Vietnam. Prof. David Harrison, VinUni Vice Provost, contributes for project asasa scientific advisor.

Researchers will work collaboratively with two ethnic minority groups – the Hmong and the Tày – in three regions of Northern Vietnam; the Mu Chang Chai region, the Sa Pa district, and the Ba Be National Park – Bac Kan.Members of the Hmong and Tày communities will be invited to use Polaroid cameras to help gather images for research data.

The research team is also enthusiastic about exploring potential synergies with the VinUniversity Environmental Intelligence project, focusing on indigenous environmental intelligence and climate change in Vietnam. This alignment promises to deepen our understanding of the complex interplay between cultural narratives, environmental sustainability, and community resilience.

We invite you to stay updated as we embark on this journey to explore and comprehend the evolving cultural narratives within Vietnamese ethnic minority communities through the lens of outdoor and adventure tourism. Together, we are contributing to the sustainable future of interdisciplinary research and fostering meaningful connections across borders.

For more information, please visit: Funding Announced for ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Projects 2024 | The British Academy