[Health and Wellness] Live Well 365

May 17, 2021

“The greatest wealth is health” – Roman poet Virgil

At VinUniversity, we do not only sit down in our office from nine to five, but we focus on the physical health that rooted in our inner self. “LIVE WELL 365” program encourages and reminds our faculty members and staff to activate their energetic spirit through sports sessions and sports clubs organized by our staff.

This is an initiative at VinUni that focuses on the health of faculty members and staff. Within this program, we have the opportunity to not only participate in sports sessions but also reminded daily of how to maintain good mental health. This program is divided into two main events: regular events such as weekly sports sessions or big events such as VinUni’s Sports Day.

A series of sports sessions including yoga and fitness are offered to our members after working hours on weekdays. By participating, our team could improve both their physical health and spiritual health. Another aspect of these sessions is that they could communicate with our students to create a friendly and collaborative working environment. Sports clubs such as running, football, and tennis are exclusively offered for all faculty members and staff at VinUni. This is voluntary-based and would provide a tremendous opportunity for staff at each department to know and communicate effectively with each other.

In April, students had organized a Green Sports Day with a series of indoor and outdoor sports from football, basketball, table tennis, swimming, slow bike-riding, and chess. This event is also participated by CEOs and staff from other VinGroup firms. This was an extraordinary opportunity for students, teachers, and guests to meet and connect with each other. To sum up the day, everyone received their prizes, which is not monetary, but trees to plant in the VinUni garden.

By participating in this program, our staff and faculty members have demonstrated that not only we work with consistent effort and hard work, we are also balancing our life with sports and continuously improving mental health. We “work hard, play hard”. Our gallery sums up the heat of keen competitions from the very first Green Sports Day at VinUni and photographs of sports sessions after working hours.