VinUni and Queensland enhance collaborative partnership in nursing research

January 25, 2024

VinUniversity’s Bachelor of Nursing Program under the College of Health Sciences and the University of Queensland (UQ) jointly organized the “Collaboration in Nursing Research” seminar on January 16th and 17th, 2024.

Designed by the experts from UQ, the seminar’s agenda concentrated on essential topics on publishing and techniques in grant proposal writing. It attracted the participation of over 30 head nurses, deans, and professors from leading nursing units across Vietnam.

Amidst an ambiance of openness, mutual respect, and friendliness, the attendees exchanged insights, deliberated on current research initiatives, and extracted valuable learnings from both the triumphs and tribulations encountered in their research endeavors.


Guest speakers at the seminar

In addition, the event became a platform for presenting support and partnership proposals. Through these collaborative and networking endeavors, the attending nurses honed skills in confidence building, scholarly writing, and grant proposals for research writing and broadened their professional networks.

A significant outcome of the seminar was the formation of a research group on nursing competencies to secure funding, alongside the two studies poised for publication. The attendees pledged to foster sustained tight-knit connections, enhancing the creation of a robust international nursing research community.

Concluded on a high note, the Nursing program team received enthusiastic feedback from UQ representatives and all the participants. This event lays a crucial groundwork for the future endeavors of VinUni’s College of Health Sciences and the University of Queensland.

Representatives from VinUni Bachelor of Nursing Program and University of Queensland took pictures after the seminar.


As a distinguished UQ partner, VinUniversity’s Bachelor of Nursing Program excelled in numerous benchmarks, notably its high-caliber instructional curriculum and abundant hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. This excellence was underscored when VinUniversity’s Bachelor of Nursing Program successfully passed two accreditation rounds and was officially approved as a Candidate for initial accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), only two years after initiating its first enrollment. ACEN is recognized as one of the most prestigious authorities for nursing education accreditation in the US and the leading authority for nursing education accreditation worldwide.

The University of Queensland (UQ), boasting a 115-year legacy, ranks among the top eight universities in Australia (Go8), with a focus on research and teaching. It stands at #3 in Australia according to Times Higher Education 2023 and #43 in the world in the QS World University Rankings for 2024. UQ is one of the foremost educational leaders in nursing, collaborating with esteemed medical sector partners globally. Additionally, UQ’s nursing program is in the top 30 for nursing in Global Rankings of Academic Subjects in 2023. It ranks 1 in Queensland for clinical, pre-clinical, and health, per the Times Higher Education 2024 rankings