VinUni to cooperate with Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – the oldest higher education institution in the ‘Start-up Nation’

August 20, 2021
In accordance with the agreement between VinUni and Technion, every semester 10 outstanding students from each university will participate in the student exchange program, giving them the opportunity to experience the academic environment and culture of each respective country. VinUni students will thus be able to have a taste of the learning environment at one of the most innovative universities in Israel – the “Start-up Nation”.

At the same time, students also have the chance to participate in an 8-to-10-week internship at a start-up that matches their interests and majors. This will be a wonderful development opportunity for VinUni students, as Israel is considered the “Tech Capital” as well as the “Start-up Nation”, with more than 6,000 active startups. The country boasts the highest number of unicorn start-ups per capita in the world, with many multinational companies frequently locating their R&D headquarters here (according to Forbes).

With this newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), VinUni is the first Vietnamese university to send exchange students to Technion – Israel Institute of Technology – Israel’s oldest university. Technion is also Israel’s largest science and engineering university, with 18 faculties and more than 50 programs, mainly in the fields of science, engineering, computer science, medicine, and architecture.

With the goal of training and developing the best scientists, Technion had designed the Technion Excellence program. With this program, students are specifically trained in the fundamental skills of being a scientist (curiosity, creativity, and discipline). In addition, each student participating in the program is assigned a Professor as their academic advisor and provided with a personalized learning program. Furthermore, Technion is among the top 100 most innovative universities in the world (according to Reuters, 2017). This list recognizes universities which have the greatest contributions to science, invent new technologies, and power the development of markets and industries.

Assoc Prof. Pham Ngoc Nam, Vice Dean of VinUni’s College of Engineering & Computer Science, shared: “This is an amazing opportunity for VinUni students to experience a semester in one of the world’s most innovative environments, and for the two universities’ faculty members to cooperate in research in their areas of expertise, such as Smart Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and Clean Energy. I believe that after their exchange semester at Technion, VinUni students will not only accumulate world-class knowledge, but will also gain a better understanding of Israeli culture while maturing their entrepreneurial thinking.”

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology is located in the beautiful city of Haifa, the largest city in northern Israel, where Mount Carmel meets the Mediterranean Sea. This is a city with a diverse and multiethnic culture, promising to bring students many interesting experiences.