Strategic Cooperation between VinUniversity and VinBrain – Individuals with Interdisciplinary Knowledge will be the Priority Choice of the Future

June 24, 2020

Doctors who are tech-savvy and technology experts who have a medical background will play an important role in the development of the medical industry, helping to improve the quality of the healthcare system. This interdisciplinary training approach is exactly what VinUniversity is pursuing to become the university of the future.

In March, VinUniversity signed a cooperation agreement with VinBrain (a subsidiary of VinGroup), which specializes in researching and infusing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the medical industry. Under the agreement, VinUniversity and VinBrain will collaborate in training, scientific research, exchanging excellent human resources as well as sharing facilities, especially in the field of Engineering & Computer Science.

VinBrain experts have experience working at leading technology corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon and Samsung. VinBrain’s CEO, Mr. Truong Quoc Hung, a former senior leader at Microsoft, has experience in developing product creation strategies.

Since August 2019, VinBrain has researched and developed the “AI Assistant Doctor” application to solve a challenging problem of the worldwide medical industry: 10% of patients die from misdiagnosis and 4.7 billion people currently have no access to diagnostic imaging specialists. The “AI Assistant Doctor” application was born to help improve the ability to accurately diagnose images in X-rays; computerized tomography (CT); and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

After implementing, Vinmec Hospital and VinBrain have assigned more than 142,000 chest X-ray labels with analysis for each disease, accompanied by different symptoms. From there, the artificial intelligence application learns from these analyses to automatically generate diagnostic information for similar images. The way this application works is comparable to “duplicating” the knowledge of the best doctors, thereby improving the general level of medicine.

VinBrain’s “AI Assistant Doctor” application can be considered as a testimony affirming that besides doctors and nurses, technical experts and computer science can also contribute to the medical industry. Artificial intelligence and other high-tech solutions are helping to improve the effectiveness of medical examination in both width and depth.

The cooperation between VinUniversity and VinBrain will contribute to creating an excellent workforce that is capable of interdisciplinary adaptability, serving the development in various fields in the internationally integrating context of our country.