[FROM THE PHILIPPINES] Coming to VinUniversity to Find Solutions for Home Country’s Medical Problems

November 29, 2022

“I always stuck with our motto “Scientia Maxime Cum Virtute” which means knowledge is best with virtue. I chose VinUni because of that same focus on values that not only focuses on what we know but how we use it.” – shared Kyle Nicholas D. Yap, a freshman from the Philippines, about why he was determined to apply to VinUniversity.

His decision to pursue healthcare is shaped by the global pandemic and shortage of doctors in the Philippines: “I attended a lecture regarding the limited and lack of access to proper healthcare of poor Filipinos. I found out about the difficulties of serving in this challenging sector; people travel long distances just to get treatment, and doctors persuade patients who don’t wish to get treated due to cultural beliefs and practices. I want to create medical-related research that can answer my country’s current problems.”

Kyle believes that VinUniversity’s distinguished and experienced professors and faculty will guide him and create favorable conditions for him to do his research in the future, especially in genetics. In his freshman year, Kyle aims to participate in the Work-Study program to accumulate working and research experience while studying at the university.