First-Year Experience Working as a Research Assistant Doing an Internship at an Artificial Intelligence Company

September 20, 2022

Upon entering the second year at VinUni, Le Dieu Linh, a Computer Science student, shared that she had such wonderful first-year experiences. She had her internship at the Provost Office under the Work-Study program, worked as a Research Assistant at the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), and also took an internship at an AI-based company Got It.

According to Dieu Linh, “Those experiences and opportunities have opened up many different paths for me to discover myself, but sometimes it could be quite overwhelming. So, I learned to organize my time, prioritize all the tasks, and chose what worked best for me and my future goals.”

As an English-major student with limited knowledge about Computer Science since high school, Dieu Linh was quite worried when she first entered VinUni. However, these anxieties have disappeared by now because: “Talented friends who I thought would make me feel pressured are the ones to help me the most.” – Linh said.

For Linh, “Our College of Engineering and Computer Science is like a family. There are many wonderful memories like staying up until 4 am to prepare for CECS Day, studying together, and discussing difficult subjects. These events have made my first year at VinUni so memorable.”

What Linh most proud of the VinUni community is the connection of VinUnians even though everyone has their different personalities and strengths. “Thanks to the opportunity to live together in the Dormitory, each student has now become close-knit like a small family, always supporting and caring for each other,” Linh shared.

One piece of advice Linh wants to give to incoming freshmen is: “Everyone has a different way to shine, so just believe in the path you choose and love yourself!”