Opportunity to Develop Research and Leadership Skills

September 20, 2022

Chu Ha Linh – an Electrical Engineering student at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, has nurtured a passion for doing research since her first year at VinUniversity.  She has participated in a research project on Nano-optic under the guidance of Dr. Le Van Quynh to learn and practice fundamental research skills.

“In this project, we were divided into three smaller groups to work on three different areas: materials fabrication, simulation, and photometry. I chose materials fabrication because I love working with chemicals and want to gain hands-on experience in manufacturing, which requires a lot of patience, attention, and care”, Ha Linh shared.

Besides developing research skills, Ha Linh also learned to improve her leadership through the “Leadership Development” course at VinUni.

“In this course, each group will have a different topic to discuss and work on, and each member will take turns to lead the group every week. The instructor also gave us the opportunity to experiment and apply different leadership styles in simulated situations, so that we could learn to develop our leadership and persuasion skills. I think finding a suitable leadership style is the most important thing.”

In the upcoming school year, Ha Linh aims to enhance her academic and research capabilities, and join VinUni Choir to gather fresh new experiences for herself.