“Make the Most Out of Every Opportunity Given to You at VinUni”

September 9, 2022

“I am proud to study in an excellent academic environment, with dedicated faculty and wholesome peers who are always willing to help. I feel like being entrusted with  a noble mission to contribute to the development of my country and support others”, Nguyen Xuan Huy – a student at the College of Business Management, eagerly shared.

As one of the founding members of the Peer Support Group, a mental health consultation student-run team at VinUni, Xuan Huy gained many invaluable lessons and experience:

“I had a little sneak peek into my friends’ life experiences by listening to their stories. I also learned to take care of my own mental health, offer useful advice to my friends and nurture my relationships.

For Huy, his proudest achievement since becoming a VinUnian is to improve his self-learning, critical thinking skills and other soft skills, not just in academia and working environment. “The journey ahead remains challenging; however, this period marks a significant milestone on my journey to self-actualization”, Huy said. 

One piece of advice Huy wants to give to VinUnian cohort 3 is: “You should strive to take advantage of every opportunity given at VinUni. As a result, each individual will have their own student experiences, creating diverse identities. Give it your best shot and shine!”