Lesson on Time Management Skills to Achieve the Greatest Results

September 9, 2022

As a Medical Doctor student, and at the same time the president of Vin-A-House Dance Crew and active in many other extracurricular activities, Nguyen Ngan Ha finds time management skills the most decisive to achieving work-life balance and good results.

After a year of studying at VinUni, Ngan Ha learned a lot about practicing effective time management, self-control, and persistence. She was excited to share some useful tips:

“First, set priority for all tasks and activities based on long-term and sustainable benefit criteria. Second, make a detailed plan for them and strictly follow through. Lastly, reward yourself when some of those goals are achieved.”

Always prioritizing studying, Ngan Ha is particularly impressed with the Professionalism in Medicine course for first-year students. “I was taught professional standards of behavior through real-life case studies and interacting with patients at VinUni’s Medical Simulation Center, through which I learned to handle difficult situations as a competent doctor”, shared Ngan Ha.

Also in this course, Ngan Ha and her team conducted research on doctors’ professionalism via TikTok – the most used social media platform. “With this topic, we learned useful research skills and were truly motivated to pursue a medical career. I am excited that our analysis and findings received great interest from our professors and friends.”

Having used to feel pressure and worry that she could not fit into the competitive environment here, Ngan Ha has now gotten through after a year at VinUni. “In contrast with my anxiety, My VinUnian friends are truly adorable, supportive, and respectful. Everyone is sociable and kind, whether they are Vietnamese or international students. One of my best friends is Lora, a Filipino!”

Through her own story, Ngan Ha wants to send a message to the VinUnians cohort 3: “At VinUni, just open your heart to every opportunity and be confident in yourself!”