Invaluable “First-Time Experiences” at VinUni

September 14, 2022

“I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passion and gain many exciting first-time experiences at VinUni”, shared Nguyen Ngoc Huyen, a Business Administration student.

Joining VinUni at the age of 17, Ngoc Huyen soon had the opportunity to experience college life and became more mature through many “first-time experiences” at VinUni.

First time learning leadership skills

One of Ngoc Huyen’s favorite courses is Leadership Development. After finishing this course, she has become more confident in taking on the leader role, whether in small class teamwork or a large-scale musical project.

First time leading a musical project

As an art lover, Huyen is already experienced with stage performance and event organizing. However, as the leader of the L’ONEIROS musical, she is still excited to learn from her friends and seniors at L’ONEIROS to further develop her leadership skill.

“I’m currently the Leader of L’ONEIROS and I am aware of all the challenges that come with this position. It not only requires fluent hard skills like dancing but also flexible soft skills like inspirational leadership style to motivate the whole team.”

In the next academic year, Huyen aims to participate in a research project with professors and continue to develop the musical project with her team.

“Be ready for new things and be ready to learn!” is a message Huyen wants to convey to VinUnians cohort 3. Huyen believes that VinUnians are all talented. With a burning passion, VinUnians are capable not only in academia but also in other non-academic activities. “Don’t be surprised if you see many founders or co-founders of big projects and organizations. Learn from them and make it your motivation to try hard every day.”