Green Study Corner – a cool green space for students of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School 

April 4, 2024

A cool green space where students can “chill”, read books, chat with a coffee corner, and a mini library surrounded by lots of greenery right in the school garden – that’s the Green Study Corner at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. The project is sponsored by alumni of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School who are currently working at VinUni. 

The Green Study Corner project is an idea of ​​students from the Green Hanoi – Amsterdam Club. Utilizing the existing resources of the school space and support from alumni of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School who are currently working at VinUni, students have creatively added new utilities to this green library. 


Club members took the initiative to build a highly aesthetic green library design, suitable for the tastes of young people. An interesting highlight is that they applied the biological knowledge they had learned to select plant species suitable for the library space, such as shade-loving species (bonsai trees, bamboo…) and light-loving species (orchid grass, lucky bamboo…) to create a green library. Additionally, they designed an automatic irrigation system to save water while ensuring that plants are supplied with enough water for each season of the year. 

 Especially noticing that the A building faces west, receiving plenty of natural sunlight from the sun, club members took advantage of this combined with their knowledge of physics to propose the use of renewable energy from solar energy panels, and group exercise bikes to generate electricity to meet the library’s electricity needs. 


“These innovations are also the result of STEM education at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. Applying scientific knowledge to practice, students have helped the green library become a nature-friendly learning space, a source of inspiration for environmental protection, creativity, and self-study for students in the school,” emphasized Ms. Tran Thuy Duong, Principal of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School.