The Study Away Program is a short-term exchange opportunity offered exclusively for international students who wish to gain international exposure at VinUni. The Study Away Program provides opportunities for exchange students to have an authentic campus-based experience, helps to expand their connections, and helps them to become immersed in the learning environment at VinUni. Similar to VinUni students, international students in the Study Away Program are given the opportunity to participate in research projects with professors, to join student clubs, to benefit from Work-Study programs, to attend career guidance seminars, and to engage in internships.

In the Academic Year 2020-21, over 50 international students participated in the Study Away Program and called VinUni their second home while coming from well-known universities around the world, including Cornell University (USA), the University of Technology Sydney (Australia), and the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland).

Undergraduate and graduate students from partner universities who wish to enroll in study away programs at VinUni must be nominated by their home institution.

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