First-Year Medical Student with “Work-Study” Experience at VinUni

September 9, 2022

Le Van Khanh, a Medical Doctor student, had her first internship experience in VinUni’s “Work-Study” program at the President Office and Vice Provost Office. Reflecting on this eye-opening experience, she shared that: “Doing internships at “Work-Study program is definitely a not-to-miss opportunity for VinUnians.”

Khanh was first unfamiliar with a professional environment and therefore made some mistakes. However, she was lucky to have such supportive and patient supervisors providing her with feedback and instructions along the way, which helped Khanh develop fundamental skill sets and work more efficiently. Every project taught Khanh a great lesson and brought about unforgettable memories.

Besides doing internships, Khanh is also active in community service, one of which is joining the Young Change Maker – a non-profit organization in mentoring high-school students, where  she becomes an instructor in sharing sessions on Communication in Healthcare.  In order to deliver her dedicated sharing perfectly, she has put great efforts in practicing  her public speaking skills. “I am happy that the high-school students are well-oriented after my sharing”, Khanh eagerly shared.

In the upcoming academic year, Khanh sets her goals on joining a Medical research project and an outbound exchange program. The advice Khanh would give to the new cohort of VinUniversity students is: “Just give everything a try! VinUni offers a lot of opportunities but also challenges. Never be afraid to ask for support because there is always a big family ready to extend a helping hand.”