“Do Not Worry Much about Peer Pressure because Each Individual is Talented and Unique in Their Own Way”

September 9, 2022

“Don’t worry much about peer pressure because each individual is talented and unique in their own way” is a piece of advice that Nguyen Minh Khoi, a student of the College of Health Sciences, wants to convey to VinUnians cohort 3. Khoi added that his self-confidence and dedication have helped him gather many beautiful first-year experiences at VinUni.

During his first year of study at VinUni, Khoi worked as a Resident Assistant in the “Work-Study” program at VinUni. Khoi and his team organized a series of activities for the whole student community, such as Happy Weekend (Fantastic Weekend), Earth Hour, and Ice Cream Party (sponsored by the Provost), through which they have built a cozy and cooperative living environment for VinUnians.

Sharing about this experience, Khoi said: “I am proud to have made contributions to an innovative, diverse, and dynamic environment of VinUniversity.

As a Medical Doctor student, Khoi also had the opportunity to visit a local hospital as a part of the Communication in Healthcare class. Even though it was just a short field trip, this experience meant a lot to him.

“I learned how to communicate with patients and discovered the Health Insurance system in Vietnam. I loved to visit the otolaryngology department the most. The doctor there invited a volunteer to do an otoscopy with the nose so that we were able to not only understand the anatomical structure (of the ear and nose) but also how to give a diagnosis for patients,” Khoi excitedly shared.

During the visit, what inspired Khoi the most was the doctors’ and nurses’ dedication to their profession. Despite inadequate equipment and medical supplies, they always tried their best to bring a better life to the patients. This has further motivated Khoi to hone his knowledge and skills to be able to contribute to Vietnam’s healthcare industry in the future.

Sharing about the next school-year plan, Khoi said that he would bring to VinUni a completely new club – the Ultimate Frisbee Club, to spread his passion for this sport. At the same time, Khoi is implementing a medical education project to make a positive impact on all medical students nationwide.