“5 in 5” Internship Program for VinUniversity Students Since First Year

April 1, 2021

VinUniversity and Vinpearl have recently entered a cooperation agreement with regards to a leadership program designed to create future leaders for not only Vinpearl but also hospitality industry in Vietnam.

What does the “5 in 5 Internship” program offer?

👉 VinUniversity students are to spend every Friday (the no-class day) in 5 consecutive weeks rotating through a wide variety of functional roles at Vinpearl.

This experiential learning provides students opportunities to gain the comprehensive overview as much as operations experience from a market-leading hospitality brand in Vietnam. It’s imperative for selected students to develop a firm understanding of the functions they wish to pursue.

👉 After 5 weeks, only the most outstanding students will be offered to participate in the First Summer Internship program extended throughout 3 years at VinUniversity.

👉 Upon program completion, 5 top-performing students will be offered a coveted role as Assistant to CEO, being able to participate in Vinpearl’s projects of high significance.

VinUniversity students are young talents with outstanding academic achievements and extracurricular activities. Therefore, Vinpearl believes that all students are deserving of the opportunity to participate in Vinpearl Future Leaders program.

At the end of Vinpearl Future Leaders program, students will have the opportunity to learn and get hands-on experience about the hospitality industry in both Vietnam and international markets, on top of a firm understanding of Vinpearl’s business model and mission. After completing Vinpearl Future Leaders program, top-performing students will have the opportunity to attain management and executive positions at Vinpearl.

As part of Vingroup ecosystem, VinUniversity offers many internship opportunities at companies under the Group, facilitating students to get familiar with the work environment since day one. VinUniversity is the first university that Vinpearl chooses to cooperate in creating future leaders for the Vinpearl Future Leaders program.

Vinpearl, a market-leading hospitality brand in Vietnam, currently owns 37 properties with a total of nearly 18,000 five-star hotel and villa rooms and among the global top 30 with 4 world-class golf courses.