Welcome International Exchange Students to “Study Away” at VinUniversity

April 29, 2021

“Study Away” Program is a short-term exchange opportunity offered exclusively for international students who have difficulty returning to their home country and university in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. Last fall, students from Cornell University (USA) and University of Technology Sydney, Australia (University of Technology Sydney – UTS) called VinUniversity home for the semester under the Program. In March 2021, VinUniversity continued to extend the warmest welcome to students from Cornell University, UTS University, and EHL University – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland to enroll in the spring semester.

Study Away Program has been opening up opportunities for exchange students to expand their connections and immerse in the learning environment at VinUniversity. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in research projects with professors, student clubs’ activities and may as well contribute to events and benefit from Work-Study program, career guidance seminars and internships alongside with VinUniversity students. Attending Orientation Day, students under Study Away Program not only learn about vital information for the upcoming semester at VinUniversity, but also are able to enhance the experience by getting acquainted with fellow students and attending sharing by Professor Rohit Verma – Provost of VinUniversity, representatives of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam and representatives from UTS University, to name just a few.
Along with Study Away program, VinUniversity has also worked out bilateral cooperation agreements regarding both faculty and student exchange with leading universities from all across the world. With the aspiration to contribute to the country a world-class university among the top 50 young universities in the next 30 years, VinUni has officially put forward a plan to attract top-performing students from around the world starting from 2021-2022 academic year. VinUniversity has received applications from international students and initially selected a number of high-caliber students from Japan, Korea and Philippines. This is a testament to VinUniversity’s rigorous commitment of excellence as well as the establishment of its part of the global education landscape. VinUniversity is set to become and make Vietnam one of the most sought-after educational hub for international students in the short and medium term.