UBC students and faculty visiting VinUniversity – A journey of cultural exchange and learning

June 5, 2023

As a highly coveted destination for numerous universities worldwide, student exchange holds a prominent place among the activities that VinUniversity prioritizes and invests in. In May 2023, VinUni had the distinct honor of extending a warm welcome and providing guidance to our esteemed colleagues from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada, as they embarked on their visit to VinUni and Vietnam.

With the overarching goal of fostering cultural diversity, facilitating knowledge exchange, and creating positive values for the global community through education, UBC and VinUni have collaborated in extensive research and exploration of various distinctive dimensions encompassing academics, culture, and experiential learning on both ends of the globe.

Students exchanged warm greetings and immersed ourselves in the wonders of Vietnam, Vingroup, and VinUni. They shared stories, experiences, and cultures, fostering understanding and lifelong friendships during the trip of visiting:

  • VinUni Campus, where UBC visitors got a glimpse of VinUni’s facilities and educational environment
  • Bat Trang Pottery Village, learning about the traditional handicrafts of Vietnam
  • Temple of Literature, offering a rich and diverse look into the history and culture of Vietnam since the 10th century
  • The iconic Hanoi Old Quarter, where the bustling streets and vibrant markets provided a glimpse into the city’s soul.
  • Ha Long Bay, where UBC students marveled at the natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Vinfast Manufacturing Facility, where thousands of people working towards the dream of placing Vietnam on the global technology map

The 10-days-journey also set the stage for a fruitful academic exchange:

– Prof. Jason Picard, College of Arts and Sciences, VinUniversity led a fascinating exploration of architecture and power.

– Prof. David Harrison, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs, VinUniversity delved into the rich cultural diversity and biodiversity of Vietnam

– Dr. Anupama Devendrakumar, College of Arts and Sciences, VinUniversity delivered a thought-provoking lecture on Vietnam’s international trade in the ASEAN context.

– Prof. Yves Tiberghien and Dr. Trinh Nguyen (UBC) engaged participants in a discussion on digital governance and the global dilemmas it presents.

–  Dr. Michael Clark, College of Arts and Sciences, VinUniversity enlightened the participants with an engaging lecture on Asian perspectives in social epistemology.

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