Vu Anh Dung

Vu Anh Dung, PhD

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences


Associate Professor Vu Anh Dzung is the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences. Before working at VinUniversity, Dr Dzung Vu was the Founding Standing Vice-Rector of Vietnam Japan University – Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Prior to that, he was Dean of the Faculty of International Business and Economics and Vice-Rector of the University of Economics and Business. Graduated with PhD degree at University of Cambridge, Dr Dzung Vu gained substantial experience in different high-level positions as a Senior Manager, Marketing Director, and Consultant in prestigious companies and corporations like Heineken, Tiger, UTStarcom Diageo, GSK, Cadbury and others. He was also the co-founder of BrotherIMC on integrated communications. Dr Dzung Vu is a pioneer in applying CDIO initiative (from MIT) on developing and implementing an outcome-based curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs in Vietnam. He has also successfully brought the 1st undergraduate economics program in Vietnam for international quality assurance assessment by ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA).

MNCs/TNCs and aspects of International Manufacturing Network, Global Value Chains, Supply Chain and Supply Chain Network Management, R&D Network, Organizational Structure and Re-structure; Mergers and Acquisitions; Digital Transformation. Brand and Marketing Management; Consumer Behaviors. Green and Sustainable Development; Economics of Climate Change. Big Data for Social Listening and Understanding. Future of Higher Education and University Governance.

Marketing Management; Digital Marketing; Brand Management; International Business; International Management; Strategy; International Trade/Economics.

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  • Advanced Political Theory, 2017, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics
  • Ph.D. in International Operations Management, 2008, Cambridge University
  • MBA in International Business, 2001, Webster University
  • BA in English, 1998, ULIS – Vietnam National University
  • BE in Accounting, 1998, Vietnam Commercial University
  • BE in Marketing for Industrial Goods, 1996, Vietnam Commercial University

1. Professorship (i.e. Associate Professor in Economics) appointment by the State Council (2014).

2. Best book prizes (Silver and Bronze) awarded by the state committee for one textbook & one monograph book (2013).

3. Best paper award (by Emerald Group Publishing Limited for the paper entitled ‘Strategic Framework from Brand Integration in International Horizontal Mergers and Acquisitions’).

4. PhD Scholarship.

5. Webster University Merit Scholarship and ‘Outstanding Graduate Student Award’ for combining highest GPA and most respected student voted by professors, staff, and students of the University.

6. Scholarship granted by The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship of Joint Japan and Singapore Governments for Human Resources Management Development in Singapore.